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Hi, I'm Kylie.

I'm 20, a latina/radical feminist/women's historian/plus-sized witch-woman in the making. birth control fairy godsister. florida.

proud dog mom, please do not follow unless you are ok with at least one picture of my dog a day

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in fifth grade i drew anime george washington



in fifth grade i drew anime george washington


the whole of my Radical dash seems to be reblogging endless PDF excerpts of some guy named allan telling us everything that’s wrong with liberal feminism and the internalized male gaze and if you’d like to know exactly how i feel about that it’s this image

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the best of me seems to be the worst and most aggressively marketed movie in recent memory

there are so many different commercials and trailers that when combined, like a melodramatic voltron of pretty young white people in love, reveal the entire madlibs plot 

just let me watch my fucking hulu in peace i pay $8 a month for this shit please don’t make me feel any worse about it than i already do

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so has the whole cast of twin peaks been on SVU then

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spooki replied to your post: “spooki replied to your post:spooki replied to your photo: “today was…”:
ikr i havent seen it but it’s the worst

this is all you really need to know, it was mediocre at everything people claimed was fantastic: mental illness, sister relationships, romance, female independence, music, etc etc ad fuckin nauseum 

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There are an alarming number of people who sincerely think pumpkin, as it grows out of the ground, naturally tastes like allspice, cinnamon, and ginger.